A simple and inexpensive solution to protect the perimeter or form an additional frontier

Control of approach to the fence or overcoming the fence without touching
Can be used without fencing for creating covert and undetectable boundaries

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The length of the protected zone, meters 100
Detection area shapeCorridor
Operating temperature-40..+50C / -55..+50C
Mode indication "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled)
Smooth adjustment of the threshold +
Terminal block inside instrument case+
Detection Modes4
Device typePIR detector
Case Protection DegreeIP65
Case MaterialMetal
Supply voltage, Volt8-28
PowerFrom external source
ЦенаРРЦ: 15 180,00 / 29 045,00 рублей с НДС

ID series detectors

The principle of operation of passive IR detectors is based on detection of the difference between the temperatures of the intruder and the ambient background, they are used to build perimeter boundaries for the protection of objects, extended areas of the area, facades of residential and industrial buildings, as well as indoors

ID detectors are capable of operating in the most difficult interference conditions in a wide range of ambient temperatures from -55 to +50℃.

The detectors have a “dry contact” type output, which allows them to be connected to any security consoles and loop collectors.

ID2 series detectors

Extended detection capabilities for detectors of the ID2 series: - Two-threshold main mode – an “Alarm” notification is generated when the intruder crosses both beams of the radiation pattern, regardless of the direction of movement. - Two-threshold with detection of movement direction – the “Alarm” notification is generated only when the intruder’s movement direction coincides with the specified one. - One threshold – an “Alarm” notification is generated when the detection signal reaches at least one threshold. This mode allows you to record attempts to overcome the protected boundary. The detector is triggered if the intruder entered the coverage area of ​​one of the beams and turned back.

Types of detection zones

** Corridor ** - two divergent “beams”. Optimum for counter-directional or sequential installation of sensors, when the dead zone in the immediate vicinity of the detector is covered by an adjacent device

View from above:

Side view:

** Curtain ** - two divergent “beams” + additional “beams” to protect the dead zone in close proximity to the sensor. Optimal when it is not possible to protect the installation site of the detector using an adjacent sensor

Sector - a set of diverging rays in several planes. Ideal for protecting small areas, driveways, gates and gates.


Все предложения в этой категории:

Приборы ФотоThe length of the protected zone, meters Detection area shapeOperating temperatureMode indication Smooth adjustment of the threshold Terminal block inside instrument caseDetection ModesЦена
ID2-50, ID2-50 ver.5 50Corridor-40..+50C / -55..+50C "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled) ++4 8 765,00 / 14 165,00 руб.
ID2-50SH, ID2-50SH ver.5 50Curtain-40..+50C / -55..+50C "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled) ++4 8 845,00 / 14 870,00 руб.
ID2-70, ID2-70 ver.5 70Corridor-40..+50C / -55..+50C "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled) ++4 9 410,00 / 16 185,00 руб.
ID2-70SH, ID2-70SH ver.5 70Curtain-40..+50C / -55..+50C "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled) ++4 9 380,00 / 16 940,00 руб.
ID2-100, ID2-100 ver.5 100Corridor-40..+50C / -55..+50C "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled) ++4 15 180,00 / 29 045,00 руб.
ID-12E 12Sector-40..+50C "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled) +-2 6 505,00 руб.
ID-40 40Corridor-40..+50C "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled) +-2 5 065,00 руб.
ID-50 50Corridor-40..+50C "Alarm" and "Fault" (can be disabled) +-2 6 455,00 руб.