Safety is our main goal

We offer solutions for building perimeters of any complexity from a private house to an airport
All our devices are compatible with any control panels and are part of the BOS integrated security system
Global monitoring is powered by Pilot telematics

Only our own

All offered devices are our development and are manufactured at our full-cycle production facility in St. Petersburg, Russia.

More than 25 years on the market

The impeccable reputation of a reliable and responsible partner allows us to trust more than 100 dealers throughout Russia

-70°C or thunderstorm?

We take into account all the nuances - from thunderstorms and lack of electricity on the perimeter to extrem temperatures - this is not a problem

We will help and teach

We are always happy to train your employees, help with design, installation supervision, commissioning and technical support of the facility.

Law is law

Integrated security system BOS is certified in accordance with Decree No. 969 "On Transport Security" - one of the toughest security benchmarks in the world

We understand you

And we will always provide technical support if something does not go according to plan. Without queues, formalities and in English

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